About me

I’m David Tordera Sanchez-Camacho, currently CTO + backend senior developer of a major multinational spanish e-commerce web, mainly focused in online prepayment transactions. My principal duties are all in background, that’s it, transactional platform which realizes online requests against hundreds of providers around the world, each of them with his own particularities, and as well, developer of the APIs to allow our customers to work against us.

The most of my learning was self-taught: beginning with Spectrum 48k, with it’s Basic, and so on through Spectrum 128K, with Basic+, Atari, Amiga, and IBM, with QBasic, and then arriving to Borland C++ 3.1. At that time, early 90’s, all code/scene fascinated me: games like Dune, Dune2, Doom, or demos & intros like Second Reality, from Future Crew or Inconexia, from Iguana, makes me go deeper in C and ASM, trying to code & learn about that effects and performance (remember that about that time the best was a 386+ at 133 MHZ, 512MB, if it was clocked!, with being the better libraries that ones you program for yourself, so was really tough programming!).

Another point was my college career : Physics it’s the science to model Nature. So, I got taught with a really understandable way to mathematically model almost all interesting scenarios (3D worlds, rotations, light effects, wave movements, etc) and really got training to, for myself, develop algorithms for resolve problems: just only remember the sentence “real coders are not afraid of maths“.

Sadly for me, Computer Science went forward faster than myself, and of course in early 2000 there was from then good libraries & code languages & fast hardware that makes my mode 13h code somewhat obsolete. Then, I pass to Java & visual languages like Delphi & Power Builder. As well, due my free time was decreasing (got job, got more duties, and all that things a 15 years old boy don’t want never to arrive) my code was then more focused to databases and small & medium business applications, so, no nice effects, no colors, no games, no gradients, etc :(… and that until today: using VisualStudio(r), Monodevelop, Xamarin, gcc, apps in Android by Eclipse, SpringBoot, Java, JavaEE, Vaadin, and so on, for intensive communications programming.

In this blog mainly I will try to remember all code I realized at that time, and try to translate it in modern languages as c# or JS, using the right now well established native code. As well, will try to put all I consider interesting about programming in c# or java (ISO 8553, sockets in multi-threading, push servers, etc…), and so, use it as sandbox for my experiments.

For a more professional p.o.v, please visit me at linked.in.

Hope I can reflect to you same passion for coding that makes today my way of life.

Best regards,